Rows of grapevines bordering gentle hillsides, lines of trees stretching along the ditches, cane fields and willow groves, hedges and mighty oaks lining the winding net of country roads, barnyards and small cottages surrounding old farmhouses;
fields, orchards and olive groves covering the slopes of the hills: this is what Podere Vito Cardinali is.

Made with passion
and respect for nature.

Podere Vito Cardinali wants to reclaim, preserve and revive some of the aspects of Marche’s ancient knowledge.

A knowledge deeply linked to land and nature, having its own roots in the peasant and sharecropping culture.

Podere Vito Cardinali believes that the countryside is not a place to exploit but a heritage to protect. This is why our farm combines technology with tradition, development with respect for the landscape.

This simple philosophy intends to recover and renew the balance between man and nature and preserve the peculiar beauty of the majestic and timeless landscape of Marche’s countryside.

A tasteful and intense oil is produced by Podere Vito Cardinali directly from our own olive groves, where we carefully select, pick and press olives within the space of a single day: from plant to bottle before the sun sets!