Podere Vito Cardinali

Podere Vito Cardinali was founded by Vito Cardinali driven by his desire to grow the best produce that his native land could offer and at the same time develop a traditional, yet modern idea of agricultural business.

On the one hand, focusing on human relations, the land and work as an opportunity for individual fulfilment and on the other, pursuing eco-sustainability to maintain a healthy workplace for the community and respect the balance of nature.

In fact, for our Team, land is considered a heritage to be preserved and recreated, respecting nature’s own principles and rhythms to guarantee an ideal and healthy environment for our children and future generations.

Water is a precious commodity and here too, the business has taken measures to implement wells for rainwater collection and avoid excessive consumption and waste by recycling groundwater for field irrigation and landscape maintenance.

Furthermore, numerous photovoltaic systems produce a large portion of the energy that is used by the business.

Our philosophy is based exactly on this, on lovingly protecting and preserving nature and everything it offers, sharing and living in harmony, paying the utmost attention to sustainability by safeguarding the territory and at the same time seeking to achieve oenological excellence.

The 100 hectares of the property are mostly dedicated to vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards and arable land, but a part is also left to the spontaneous growth of oak and elm trees to safeguard the local wildlife.

The area produces an elegant wine with great character thanks to the presence of adequate sun, mild winds and warm sea breezes that help maintain a moderate temperature range, as well as the particular type of soil.

Our Team takes meticulous care of our vineyards and olive groves at each and every stage, striving to strike a balance between technology and manual work, minimizing the use of chemicals to ensure that our grapes are healthy and intact so as to produce quality wines without requiring corrective interventions in the cellar.

This means that we can offer the consumer a healthier and more genuine product.