Morro d’Alba

The characteristics of the soil, the climate, the different altitudes combined with the work and the millennial bond of the community with the territory make Morro d’Alba an area that has always been well suited to the production of top-quality wine and oil..

Morro d’Alba preserves much historical evidence that dates as far back as the year 1000; the remains of Romanesque villas, the underground town, the Utensilia museum, which houses a collection of the tools, machinery and documentation of the sharecroppers in the Marche region.

In fact, several years ago, a Golden Medallion depicting Theodoric dating back to the 5th century was found in a cultivated field in Sant’Amico.The find was a unique piece of numismatic iconographic art that is now preserved at the Terme Museum in Rome.

A distinctive feature of Morro d’Alba is “La Scarpa”; a unique and evocative example in Italy of a completely accessible, covered walkway that runs along the entire perimeter of the historic centre.

Along the way, you can enjoy a spectacular view, which on a very clear and sunny day you can see out to the sea.

The white vine varietal is one of the most important in Italy as it stands out for flavour, minerality, and ageing capacity.It produces structured and full-bodied wines that have marked floral notes and fruity aromas with an unmistakable almond aftertaste.The name Verdicchio derives from verde (or “green”) and refers to the straw yellow hue with green reflections.

In 2019 our Medieval Village reached an important milestone by being included in the list of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.

The initiative was promoted by ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) with the aim of bringing together and publicizing small Italian businesses and promoting slow tourism in places that are now out of the tourist circuit, but which still have a considerable historical, cultural and landscape value, with traditions and crafts that remain core to Italy’s identity.

Contrada Sant’Amico is a quiet place, immersed in nature where you can walk and enjoy the surrounding countryside, listening only to the sounds of nature.

This is where Podere Vito Cardinali is located, with its endless rolling hills full of olive groves, rows of vineyards flanked by centuries-old oak trees, orchards and tree-lined avenues. This is where, even on the hottest of days, you can sit under the shade of an elm tree, feel the sea breeze against your skin and enjoy our products.

Escaping the hustle and bustle of city life to unwind and recharge your batteries, either by yourself, with your other half or anyone close to you.